The story of the Bognanco waters is intriguing: a local girl discovered their distinctive taste when she drank from the spring and actually thought the liquid was a sort of grappa. The parish priest, Fedele Tichelli, an expert naturalist, realised that the water had beneficial and curative properties, which was confirmed in 1863 by a Swiss chemist, and six years later by Dr Albasini, and bought the spring. Bognanco water has been bottled since 1906, and became well-known to a wide public in the twenties. Due to the high mineral level and slightly salty taste but refreshing taste the water is unusually smooth due to the higher silica level (60mg/L), The high bicarbonate level of 1744mg/L helps your body to digest food better.

Sweet                                 Salty


Smooth                              Complex

Available in: Stll and Sparkling


TDS: 1990 mg



Sodium 158 mg

Magnesium 356 mg

Calcium 36 mg



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