St. Leonhards

6 Springs - 9 Variety

The origin

When the historical source was rediscovered in 1734, no one suspected that it would once be the origin and namesake of the family business. When the senior partner Johann Abfalter took over St. Leonhard's source around 20 years ago, he was particularly impressed by the energetic analysis and his own positive experience during a serious illness. Numerous votive tablets in the pilgrimage chapel tell stories about this particular water dedicated to St. Leonhard.


After his personal experience with St. Leonhard's Spring, Johann Abfalter developed the vision that there would have to be an individually water for each person. With the help of geomancers further independent artesian sources were found. The bioenergetic investigations showed different energetic emphases.

Sweet                                 Salty


Smooth                              Complex

Available in: Still


TDS: 268 ppm



Sodium 9,8 mg

Magnesium 30 mg

Calcium 98 mg


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