My Top 5 water picks for your Christmas feast:

December 20, 2014

Beef – Gerolsteiner
Gerolsteiner’s high mineral content will help cut through the richness and boldness of beef. Its salty taste will complement beef dishes and the strong carbonation will help clear your palate for the next flavors of your meal.


Fish – Beverly Hills 9OH2O
Beverly Hills 9OH2O’s crisp, refreshing taste will make your fish much more flavorful. The velvety smooth and sweet notes of this ultra premium water will cut through the natural saltiness of fish dishes and open your taste buds to their delicate texture.


Gingerbread – FIJI Water
Fiji’s sweeter notes will make it a very good fit for the ginger and spicy flavors of gingerbread. The richness of the gingerbread’s molasses will be tempered by the smooth, refreshing taste of Fiji and will help the ginger’s spiciness blossom on your palate.


Bread Pudding – Iskilde
Iskilde’s higher oxygen level will bring out the rich, creamy and sweet flavors of bread pudding. Its rich texture and earthy notes will be a good match to the pudding’s creaminess.


Ham – Badoit
Badoit’s medium mineral content and tiny bubbles will make it the right fit for your Christmas ham. Its slightly salty notes will complement ham’s smoky and sweet flavor.

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My Top 5 water picks for your Christmas feast:

December 20, 2014

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