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Perlage is a natural mineral water, bottled at the source in the Nałęczów area. The region is famous for its specific microclimate and spa which specializes in curing cardiovascular problems and hypertension. Thanks to its mineralization and low sodium level, Perlage is recommended for people with health issues, such as heart and blood pressure disorders.

“Perlage” is the name of the specially created technology of saturating water with carbon dioxide of natural origin. Thanks to this unique method the bubbles are very small and released slowly.

The tiny bubbles are very smooth to your palate and the water has due to the TDS of 440mg a slightly spicy and salty taste.

Sweet                                 Salty


Smooth                              Complex

Available in: Medium Sparkling


TDS: 440 mg



Sodium 9 mg

Magnesium 21 mg

Calcium 140 mg



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