Water is essential to life.

But are all waters the same? The answer is no. I curated several water menus that demonstrates the difference in taste between waters sourced from various regions of the world. Terroir affects water just like wine.

Let me take you on a global journey of water.


What is TDS?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It measures the mineral composition of any given water, which results in creating its own specific flavor profile and character. TDS levels determine how much sodium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals are present, therefore informing how your water of choice will pair with your food of choice. In my water menus, these levels begin at under 10mg on the low end, and go all the way up over 3,000 mg on the high end.


Sodium (Na)

Sodium is important for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. It is also essential for the exchange of water between the cells. Together with chlorine, sodium forms our normal salt used to spice up our regular diet. While too much salt is unhealthy, none at all can lead to serious malfunction in our body.



Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral. It is essential for maintaining the equilibrium between our muscular and nervous system. It is also important for converting blood sugar into energy. Magnesium is also useful in fighting osteoporosis and kidney stones.



Calcium (Ca)

There is more calcium in the body than any other mineral. It is used to maintain strong bones and teeth and keep your heart beating regularly. Calcium also aids in muscle activity and the transmission of nerve signals.










“Water is sometimes sharp and somtimes strong, sometimes acid and sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet and sometimes thick or thin, sometimes it is seen bringing hurt or pestilence, sometimes health giving, sometimes poisonous.

It suffers change into as many natures as are the different places through which it passes.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci


(Total Dissolved Solids)

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