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Hallstein Water, by subscription only.

The Muhr family - with the help of scientists and nutritionists - defined the ideal criteria for perfect water (high natural PH, naturally high level of dissolved oxygen, natural absence of sodium), then set out to find it. After years searching the globe with hydrogeologists and engineers, a sustainable aquifer was found in the Austrian Alps that organically produced the water they imagined and now - years later - offer a limited subscription only to a small, but discerning client base. 

Naturally sourced from a deep artesian well in the Austrian Alps, Hallstein Water comes from a constantly replenishing underground source. The water rises to the surface naturally, so no mechanical pumping is needed. Deeper wells mean greater protection from environmental contaminants above. An artesian well should be at least 100 meters (300ft) or deeper - the Dachstein Well is 214m (700ft) deep.


Available in: Still


TDS: 83 ppm



Sodium 0 mg

Magnesium 9 mg

Calcium 19 mg


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"Martin Riese believes water is the most important beverage on the planet, and he's urging consumers to rethink the value of this precious resource."


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