Aqua Carpatica

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AQUA Carpatica comes deep from the Carpathian Mountains, an ancient land where time seems to stand still, leaving only the pristine beauty of nature and history.

It is the last wild forest of Europe and with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, it’s like going back to a time before chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants even existed.


With AQUA Carpatica, purity and taste go hand in hand. Millions of years of volcanic activity have filtered impurities at the source, endowing the water with its unrivaled flavor.


Natural minerals carbonate AQUA Carpatica Sparkling Water – the only Nitrate Free Natural Sparkling Mineral Water on Earth.

Available in: Still


TDS: 200 ppm



Sodium 0,0 mg

Magnesium 17 mg

Calcium 52 mg


Sweet                                 Salty


Smooth                              Complex


AQUA Carpatica Still Spring Water is derived from the Bajenaru aquifer. The still water is harvested at the surface using the latest environmentally friendly technology that allows it to remain free of impurities.

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AQUA Carpatica naturally sparkling mineral water is sourced from the Paltinis aquifer, where a blanket of metamorphic rocks surround and protect a naturally sparkling mineral spring, totally free from nitrate pollution or any other chemical, microbiological or physical impurity.

Sweet                                 Salty


Smooth                              Complex


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Available in: Sparkling

TDS: 1000 ppm



Sodium 4 mg

Magnesium 77 mg

Calcium 260 mg



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